Find us at New Market Square, Altrincham Market for fresh, flavourful, 100% plant-based food.

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Our food


Granola & yoghurt

Avocado flatbread
sesame, lime


Classic burger
toasted bun, black bean patty, fried onions, mustard, mayo, ketchup

Mexican burger
home made flatbread, black bean patty, guacamole,
caramelised onions, chipotle sauce

Chana burger
home made flatbread, chickpea patty, chilli jam, yoghurt, slaw

Korean tofu
home made flatbread, crispy tofu, kimchi, slaw, Korean BBQ sauce

Tokyo tofu
toasted bun, crispy tofu, miso mushroom ragu, pickled daikon

Tarka dal
masoor dal, soy yoghurt, home made flatbread


Polenta Chips
with lemon garlic mayo


Breakfast bomb
oat milk, oats, tahini, banana, chia seeds, cashews, dates

Strawberry & coconut
Apple & berry
Banana & peanut butter


Still/sparkling water
Apple/orange juice

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“Thrilling local vegans and surprising meat-eaters too” – Tony Naylor, Olive Magazine